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A Natural for Nesting a Digital Marketing Mix

For long term success, it’s important to not focus just on social media when marketing your town, but to use it in collaboration with as many other components of digital marketing as possible. SEO, email marketing, content marketing, analytics & social media, interrelated, add value. For example, placing links in your social media biographies will boost your website’s SEO. By linking to your site from your social media channels, you’re creating high-quality backlinks to your site – an important result of social profile optimization.

Inbound marketing techniques such as SEO and content marketing are also extremely effective in growing your brand equity and increasing ROI over time. When you populate your site with your business assets, by adding descriptions, their social links, photos, Flickr photo galleries, or Youtube videos, you will be building your inbound marketing power at the same time. When you publish events with useful, informative, and attractive content, you not only entice participation, you’re improving your SEO. As any good website should, your core objective of keeping your website current with relevant and useful information will naturally make it the mother ship of your digital marketing mix.

Repurposing communications and graphics can not only make campaigns more effective, it can make your life easier. We encourage the repurposing of images for similar format applications such as email marketing and social posts. This reinforces messaging across all channels with less effort.

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