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Meeting the Unique Needs of Event Listings

We know how important community events are, so your TownSight homepage is programmed to automatically show the next three upcoming events, ensuring that your site is always up-to-date and relevant. TownSight is programmed to remove, archive past events, and update upcoming events on a daily basis. Custom logic is built in to balance the display of reoccurring events, like exhibitions running seven days/week vs. single day events. By automating event conditions, TownSight enables you to focus on the importance of entering new events and keeping the choices flowing. 


In addition to the use of your homepage carousel to help promote landmark events, your the  homepage event listing can be switched to highlight one single, upcoming event instead of the next three. The homepage ‘feature event option’ allows you to load an event feature image and copy that takes the place of the three events, giving your landmark event maximum impact for an extended amount of time. Once the featured event passes, the homepage event listings revert to the next three automatically. 

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