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Fully Equipped Event Profile Pages

An event page may link out to buy tickets, but it should not link out to explain the event or entice participation. TownSight enables you to fully support a prospective visitor with complete information and media options to effectively market events on your website. 

Automated features such as mapping a location and nearby parking options combined with a clean, consistent layout of images, dates, times, social links, and descriptions add quality and value to your events. Additional features enable you to add a photo gallery, videos, and PDF documents to fully support and entice visitors.

Your community will have the ability to send your organization events via a public online form in your website. The form sets your standards for events and requires specific information. An email notification is sent to your attention as a submission is simultaneously entered into your administration for publishing. Even though required information is provided, submitted events are never automatically published. This ensures an administrator’s review, approval, and fine tuning before publishing. All submissions include a contact for the event for follow up or questions.

TownSight provides you with all the tools to not only promote your event, but to also contribute to a visitor’s positive experience, which is sometimes overlooked. If your site is useful, informative, and friendly, your site has done its job to begin a positive experience – the key to building a positive, stronger brand.

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