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Business Assets as Niche Markets

The main reason why a well-conceived, community-branded website is instrumental to success is its ability to bring disparate businesses and services together under one roof (or one brand). In a sense, what successful shopping malls do in brick and mortar, is done online, enabling you to leverage the power of many and finally, effectively compete! TownSight’s architectural foundation is built around this concept as business niche markets become top line navigation terms to make the ease of finding what a visitor is looking for paramount. 

Businesses are allocated to custom categories and subcategories. Your TownSight will feature main ‘landing pages’ for each niche market that are branded and embellished to position and reflect your town's unique offerings. Set via your administration, businesses are collectively displayed according to category with easy to use filters, and with the right graphics and proper population, your town becomes an online presence - truly showcasing its unique assets and building your brand.

TownSight also enables you to single-out and highlight local businesses and institutions on each niche "landing page". Based on quality images loaded by your team, businesses can be set to be "highlighted", in a random mix, with every visit to a landing page. The feature image & business name displays above the listings and serves as another way to introduce your market mix to frequent visitors.

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