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Big Time Presence

Business profile pages can have a large, high quality header image, a full description of the entity, the entity’s logo or brand, hours of operation, contact information, social site links, side photos, a photo gallery, and videos. Social sharing links are automatic on every profile page as well as a map showing the business location, surrounding parking options, and a link for directions.

Population does take work, but can be completed and improved over time. You’ll want to get to a certain, respectable point to launch your site and the TownSight staff can help with our creative support services on a per need basis. Once you are populated and business locations are established, the collective power of your site is maximized. The better your efforts, the more engaging and useful your site will become.

Profile update forms are integrated into your TownSight website for businesses to submit update requests at any time. Updates are not automatically published upon submission to protect your organization from unauthorized content. It is essential that you and your staff are responsible for all updates, but once full population is established, updates become much less demanding. The TownSight staff will fully advise and guide you through the population process with tips and tricks and our collective community is always available for successful examples.

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