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Luring the Right Businesses

Although it would be wrong to showcase available commercial real estate up front and center (for obvious reasons), TownSight’s inconspicuous business support area integrates a custom real estate system and presents your pitch to lure successful businesses to your town. The same administration that manages your town’s business profiles enables you to post and promote available space to recruit new businesses as turnover happens.

For example, if a retail store closes shop and vacates your town, you can totally change the information of their existing ‘profile page’ to information about the vacant space, benefits of the space, the realtor to contact, and replace photos with shots of the location etc. Change the profile’s main category from ‘shopping’ to ‘realestate’ and now the same address will appear in the available space section (no longer in shopping).

Therefore, once again, the better the population on your part, the more powerful TownSight becomes as a marketing tool. TownSight also includes the ability to store much more data about each entity that is NOT published. Some of this data can be customized, but basic data can consist of business contact information, owner contact information, lot number, tax assessment, etc. TownSight is designed to be your main database of the businesses in your district and exporting data with customized data selections is always at your fingertips to advance your marketing and communication efforts.

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