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Take a look at the custom website design landscape from high above and you quickly see how complex sites have become. Due to this complexity, the cost to acquire a well-designed, state-of-the-art, robust, custom site to promote your town has become increasingly unobtainable for many communities across America. Our history of providing digital marketing services to towns has made us keenly aware of this situation and we wanted to change things. We set out to provide a high-end solution that would be more affordable for all. TownSight is that solution. The vision to do more, for more people like you.


If you have a limited staff, you're not alone. We've found this to be the norm, not the exception, and another reason why you need TownSight. Years of experience working with executive directors, improvement districts, and a variety of communities results in well-conceived layouts and functions that are customized for a town's specific marketing and promotional objectives. Your site is custom designed and streamlined to do the specific, core, and most important tasks to maintain an up-to-date site that professionally promotes your community.


Responsive design is the most efficient way to serve all markets across all device platforms. No need for an app or another version designed for mobile customers in addition to your desktop website. TownSight responsively changes in layout and function to meet the human factors associated with each device, ensuring a positive experience for all. The content management system is also responsive so you too will benefit from a friendlier interface the next time you're at the Farmer's Market and need to make a timely update!


How could we make something so sophisticated and custom-branded affordable? We focused on making two main areas efficient. Branding: As designers we know how key characteristics of brands can be achieved with color combinations, font options, and a limited infusion of custom design elements. Functions: We found that there's a limited number of ways to do something right. Offering only the best options for each function provides a variety of combinations within set parameters. The result is a high-performance custom solution, distinctively branded for each town.  

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