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Designed for Destination Marketing and Brand Building

A positive experience is paramount in destination marketing. TownSight is designed to professionally market your community by showcasing niche markets, events, and storylines to collectively elevate your brand and achieve your objectives. Complemented with a smart social strategy, your website becomes your online, professional face to the public and your 24/7, virtual canvas to proactively build your brand with quality messaging, engaging images, and helpful information. It's your tool to ensure a positive online experience for your prospects before they even visit your community.

Good or bad, a website's impression is inescapable. The site's functionality, resourcefulness, and overall performance will reflect your community's character and competence. A bad website can do as much damage to your brand as a well-designed site does to improve it. Think about an unsatisfactory experience you've had with a product you've purchased in the past and how it reflected in your view of the brand. Well, your website may be two dimensional, but it is actually a product...and it's YOUR product. But don't worry, if you're committed to quality content, you can rest assured that TownSight will take care of product performance. Here are some examples of features that will inevitably make your collaboration fly to new heights - click on each to learn more:

High Powered Carousel

TownSight's homepage carousel enables you to inspire your visitors and keep your website fresh with professional imagery and messaging that ultimately builds the story for your brand.

Serving Up Events

People attract people and events put feet on the street – a main objective for your target markets. TownSight has the right balance between flexibility and automation to keep your events up front and top of mind.

Enticing Event Profiles

The more information you can provide about your events, the better the experience for users. Your goal is to keep them on your site with all the information a visitor needs to decide on attending and enjoying an event. 

Niche Markets

TownSight is customized to your town's niche markets to leverage your community's collective assets and overall brand. Upon every visit, a local business can be randomly showcased on respective niche market pages keeping your site fresh and engaging. These categories and sub-categories are strategically used to orient users and to ensure ease of use. 

Powerful Asset Profiles

TownSight business profile pages are robust and allow your smaller entities without websites to truly benefit from a significant online presence that can rival some independent sites! From mapping, directions, and parking options to photo galleries, videos and social links, a TownSight profile page means business.


With TownSight, a supporting aspect of business recruitment is built-in. TownSight’s business support area integrates a custom real estate system to help fill those unsightly vacancies in your district.  Present your pitch on available spaces to help lure the ideal prospective businesses to your town's unique mix.

Smart Mapping

TownSight enables visitors to explore your town online via an interactive map. Select a category like "Restaurants" and all your town's restaurants will appear. Click on the customized markers to get information about each restaurant or click on any of the nearest parking markers to get directions and info for the lot you prefer.

Far from Anti-Social

Your site will be hard wired into your social matrix via Google, Flickr, and YouTube. This adds to your digital marketing mix of social platforms to leverage the effectiveness of all digital campaigns working together, in harmony, to reach the widest potential audience.

Enhanced Leadership

Even though TownSight is fully customized and refined to promote your town's assets, businesses, and entertainment options as its primary mission, your organization is not forgotten. Secondary, but very important, your organization will benefit from its own centralized area of information within your site.

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